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About me

I have a background in Information Management & Engineering and I’m a constant learner looking to take on the world one challenge at a time. I work hard for things that are worth it and like to be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.

Things that I’m passionate about:

  • Product Design
  • Business Strategy & Analytics
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • Indie Rock Music
  • Again Food 😉
  • Good Conversations

I created this place because someone should definitely benefit from the endless hours I spend on researching where and how to travel, what to buy, what to watch, and what to read in our world where are we flooded with products, services & media.

Now and then, I will express my two cents which are my own opinion and are not associated in any way or form with companies I’m working for.

Besides that, my goal is to present things in a structured way with different angles, especially on stuff to buy. Tend to go for the quality product that lasts or the best bang for buck.

I’m not sponsored by any company and not looking for it.

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